• Make sure to balance the body.
  • Always show the modification, don’t just say it.
  • When teaching, use technical or directional terms related to the body. You should continue to strive to educate yourself on specific muscles used so you can refer to them while teaching to give clients a better body awareness.
  • Do NOT say “tuck” when we are talking about our hips - say “tilt” or “scoop”
  • All music must be clean and free of curse words or anything considered "explicit"
  • Avoid saying phrases that are superficial and body conscious, such as ” getting ready for bathing suit season!” or “working off that thanksgiving meal!” Instead, you should talk about getting stronger for the purpose of feeling energized, empowered, and connected with your body.
  • Always be sure to reiterate "moving true to you and your body."
  • If the class is on their mats at their stations but not using their straps,  pull a mat out to the center of the room so you can do the work there so everyone can see you.
  • You must program your legs and glutes sections according to the posture calendar provided monthly.
  • All Postures in Legs and Glutes sections should follow the exact True Cueing model. All other sections include a modified True Cueing, explained at the top of each section page.
  • You should always teach where clients have the best visual instruction.
  • At the front center of the room when not at your stations (i.e. mats are in islands, during warm up, or weights during combo)
  • When at stations, get the clients set up and moving and then demonstrate from the center of the room when possible so all your clients can see you easily. This also makes you more available to attend to clients who need modifications or corrections.
  • Your program should always allow for enough time in each posture to correct clients, whether this is verbal or hands-on.
  • If you work one side, be sure to work the other (this applies to opposing muscle groups, too).
  • Make sure music length AND beat are the same for both sides!
  • MUST have a modification for every single posture programmed. Challenges are also encouraged for each posture.
  • You must include TRX straps in at least once every class.


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Kristin's background in Exercise Science and passion for fitness led her to become one of True40® Studio's original instructors in 2016. Since then she has served in various management roles at different times for True40®, including her current role as Master Trainer. Over the years Kristin has trained and certified True40® instructors while developing and evolving the brand’s workout. She fully believes in the mental and physical healing powers of movement and mindfulness. Kristin's favorite thing about True40® is celebrating everyone's individuality while also fueling their inner fire to challenge themselves. She currently lives in Auburn, AL with her husband, two children and dog (War Eagle!)

kristin taylor, master trainer

The stars aligned in June 2020 when Sydney King joined True40 as the manager of the Downtown Birmingham location. Since then, she's managed the Birmingham team and run operations alongside Kaitlyn. When Kaitlyn became sole owner of the True40 brand and franchise, Sydney transitioned into her corporate role of Chief Operating Officer. Sydney is from Auburn, AL and graduated from Auburn University in 2019 with a degree in Marketing and Sustainability. She has always had a passion, in both career and life, to work creatively and relationally. She has found her dream job at True40, fostering the community that is present today, by working alongside the corporate team and franchisees to create a singular, inclusive brand. Sydney currently lives in Birmingham, AL.

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Kaitlyn Bentley’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to leave the corporate world behind and become a manager of True40® Studio in 2016. It wasn’t long before Kaitlyn went from manager to franchisee, to master trainer, and ultimately to brand owner. It’s fitting that Kaitlyn became the owner of True40® Studio on New Year's Eve, because the number 40 symbolizes a beautiful new beginning. Under Kaitlyn’s leadership, True40® Studio has created a mindset shift in the modern fitness space. Kaitlyn believes in celebrating the body, and continuously working to connect with your highest self. She is passionate about creating a sanctuary for clients, where they feel supported mentally, spiritually, and physically.

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